Neko Case Loves Satan!

3 June 2006

Neko CaseNeko Case sings “now it’s the devil I love” and that makes her a Satanist? How can you deny this website’s claim with logic like this: “When you sing about loving the Devil Ms. Case, in light of the abundant evidence of Satanism in the music industry, you have to expect to be exposed.” Uh oh… looks like I better start filtering my music for Lucifer references. All this time I thought Ms. Case’s sublime vocals and down-right lovely musical stylings were heavenly. Oops! And to think I was risking my place in eternal glory over some devilishly good alt-country music!

I just love a good essay tying so-called “rock music” to Beelzebub: “Hypocritically, Neko Case sings ‘This Little Light’ on her ‘The Tigers Have Spoken’ album. In the song she sings, ‘Jesus gave me light, I’m going to let it shine…’ You’ve got to be kidding? When asked in a Playboy interview if she would pose naked for Playboy, Neko Case said… ‘Well, of course I would consider it! But I certainly need time to think about it. It would be a lot of fun…’ Is this how you’re letting your light shine for Jesus Ms. Case, by telling others that it would be FUN to strip naked for millions of men to commit adultery with you? Jesus said in Matthew 5:28, ‘…whosoeverlooketh on a woman to lust after her hath committed adultery with her already in his heart.’ Why would you even speak of doing such an evil thing Ms. Case? I mean, you can’t sing about letting Jesus’ light shine in one breath, and then say in an interview that it would be fun to pose in a lewd Playboy magazine. You can’t sing about loving the devil and then expect people to understand what you MEANT, when it’s not what you SAID.” Ahh, what goes better with rock music than lust and Satan?

If you didn’t get the point yet, Mr. Stewart will be sure you do: “Rock-n-roll music is of the Devil, and Neko Case is just another testimony to this fact… Satan desires to sift our young people as wheat, just as he did Peter (Luke 22:31). To sift wheat, you beat it against a stone to separate the wheat itself from the plant. Literally, Satan wants to beat us to death (John 10:10). Rock-n-roll music is a vehicle by which we subtly invite Satan into our minds. Rock music is of the Devil.”

Can I get an “amen”?


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