26 August 2006

mePerhaps it is my school’s voracious emphasis on this concept of “vocation” – which, mind you, is not pre-defined by the school but is something one must define in light of his or her own understanding of self, God, and world, steeped in personal experience and service learning, it would seem – but I’m more unsure about the future than ever before. Instead of resulting in a sense of satisfaction, or even some degree of excited anticipation, the future leaves me feeling harried and unfocused. Seminary? Journalism school? Peace corps? Enter the work force– uh, no thank you.

As of late, I’ve gleaned one idea from amongst the rubble (we’ll see how long that lasts) that has really sparked my interest – Columbia University’s dual MA-MS in Religion and Journalism. What would I do with that? Their focus isn’t my focus, but the education could serve a purpose.

What I’m really interested is exploring/writing on the ways in which popular culture speaks to the spiritual state of society. Where the fuck can I study the connections between Job and Lindsay Lohan, US Weekly and the Apostles?


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