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The Return

6 July 2008

So IĀ disappeared for a minute… or a couple years. An update: I graduated from college, moved to Bemidji (aka the middle of nowhere) and worked as a Direct Support Professional for people with developmental disabilities, applied to graduate schools, got accepted to my top choice, and moved to Chicago to find a job and a place to live before beginning school this fall. A lot has changed in my life, and my philosophical outlook shifted dramatically over the course of my remaining 3 semesters of college. Along the way, I was awarded a grant to study Flannery O’Connor and the nature of religion and art — you can find a sampling of my work at the blog I maintained.

Now that I’ve relocated and am beginning to make a lot of new and exciting connections, I’m interested in having an outlet for some of the books I’m reading and the thoughts they elicit. We’ll see how it goes — no promises, of course.